Monorail 9/20: Grant Evans, Lapse, Jackson-Pratt, Scald Hymn, Blind Date

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Monorail 9/20: Grant Evans, Lapse, Jackson-Pratt, Scald Hymn, Blind Date

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now available:

[mt129cs] Grant Evans - Albatross c-30/DL | sample
Americana-concrète. Tape-pitched elements -- organic, synthetic and mechanical -- weave in and out, blurring reality with dread and unease. Buzzing, scraping, swelling; dying voices in the cirque of tape-delay. Through the projects Nova Scotian Arms, Quiet Evenings, Ornamental Hairpin and labels such as Hooker Vision, VAALD and Adversary Electronics, Evans should need no introduction; he, along with partner and collaborator Rachel Evans have been a consistent, prolific force in the South for over a decade.

[mt130cs] Lapse - Nothing Feels Right c-40/DL | sample
Blown out and massed patterns of red-line scrape and abrasion; cyclical and blaring, a thunderstorm of gutter-nihilism emanates from the streets and sewers of NYC. 40 continuous minutes of rugged and ripping sound that never relents. Sensation of Living b/w Get Fucked up and Die. 2020's definitive spirit.

[mt131cs] Jackson-Pratt - Skullcutter Herringbone c-40/DL | sample
Right through the center like an icepick headache. Direct, imposing and saturated, with abrupt shifts, quick edits and instantly piercing shards of feedback. Second MT tape for Seany and certainly not the last. Includes an epic tribute/cover/re-interpretation of The Replacements on the B-side.

[mt132cs] Scald Hymn - Balming Mechanism c-40/DL | sample
Four untitled tracks of brutish, inspired and primitive organics, recorded at the Western Massachusetts pillar Cold Spring Hollow throughout 2019 and early 2020. Bowed, scraped and clattering metals obstructed with patterns of tense electronics that at first threaten to engulf before conspiring to mitigate. Employing only the principal tools to their full potential. A distinctly New England touch.

[mt133cs] Blind Date - Judy Garland Pavilion c-30/DL | sample
The requisite principles of 1990's metallic burl distilled through layers of aggressively employed junk and sharp 2000's-era hyper-cuts are merged with skill. Crisply engineered and moving around the stereo field in a forward motion. With a steady and consistent series of releases via Dead Gods, New Forces, White Centipede, Angst and Oxen, Blind Date should need no introduction at all as an established institute for well-crafted harsh noise.

order at or

Limited stock on hand, all expected to sell out promptly; if demand is high enough, more copies will be made.

US Distribution via Thousands of Dead Gods, Skeleton Dust
Canadian Distribution via Scream & Writhe
European Distribution via White Centipede
More distributors TBA.