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Re: fade-outs

Post by Wombatz »

this is a real headscratcher. last and arguably best track on the record, everybody is finally floating, then initiating the landing protocol, but the final free melody chorus is faded out prematurely at the beginning of the bridge. ok they play a sort of one-chord texture for the four bars you can still hear of that, but it's absolutely clear they don't intend to end here. we're at 17:40 for the side, so it can't be due to length considerations. more recent reissues come with a couple of bonus tracks but no complete take of this tune. so did they lose the thread, hit some clinkers, or did rudy van gelder's cat jump on the faders?

ps i googled the back cover and ira gitler mentions this: "booker's last solo fades into the distance in a spiralling pattern." so they pretend it's on purpose.

pps i googled the cat but it turns out rudy had a dog. here it is with elmo hope.


ppps dan will know what the movie is. i recognize brialy but not the other guy so it's probably italian?