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new CHOCOLATE MONK releases

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Mik Quantius & Matt Motel - Haus Record  CDr £5 (edition of 60)

The proof is in the recordings, friends.... we ARE living in the Middle Ages. Forget about Get Back and listen to two munt minds meet in Koln for a domestic sit down/session of liquids, smoke and keyboard gronk. HEAR them attempt to stave off serfdom with Yamaha hoodoo and get into it with the Quantius vocal lo-jinx which if cranked loud enough is sure to suck the colour from any nearby tie-dye shirts. Ten happy fingers, two throbbing brains.

"camaraderie, friendship, and observing the unknown ;
Mik Quantius
became my psychedelic big bro in 2021.

In the wilderness

Mik forages

dirt and dust
into epiphany." -Matt Motel

"I like that Matt drove blind to me without knowing if i am home, he is an improviser conected to the ear, a wonderful musican who lives it for long and a friend i can trust, this shows me touring with him yeah!" - Mik Quantius

Andy Heck Boyd - Munterated Merropity  Booklet, 3" CDr, Badge, Photograph £10 (numbered edition of 54)

Whether or not you believe that the gloved mouse is pulling the levers to our reality Kentucky curve ball Andy Heck Boyd is here to bring more confusion to the seed swap. Priscilla Presly is watching Pinnochio on mute, someone decided to eat all Paul McCartney's food, the mouse died three days in a row, there is a neon slime face sit and so much more to decipher. Just be sure to take a right at the end of Spalding Lane. Energise! Energise! Energise!

A5 colour booklet (36 pages), the 3" CDr Parking Lot featuring The Frankenberry's and The Gay Zorro's, a 6x4" photograph and 1" button badge.

"sometimes, if one is to understand "correctly", if i were to mention that it, no, that i saw a giant painted unknown (to me) secular figure on the back wall, that ascended up to the fifth floor in the tall open building, but, it was so large and out in the open for the daily visitors, that it was not visible to others just passing through, and not looking around, anyways, if you wish to, i don't know, it's right out there in the open,"- AHB

Raymond Cummings – Northeastern CDr £5 (edition of 60)

"Since flying to Detroit, Michigan in 2016 to cover the first Trip Metal Fest for SPIN, I’ve made it a point every year to visit a U.S. state I’d never been to. After 2017 (Chicago, Illinois), 2018 (Providence, Rhode Island), and 2019 (Los Angeles, California). Portland, Maine should’ve been October 2020 but was shoved forward a full year to October 2021 due to the pandemic.

My plan, originally, was to visit Maine and Connecticut in sequential months in fall 2021, capture a bunch of field recordings, and later emerge with a collage for each state to be released as an album. Connecticut was axed for money reasons but Maine ultimately gave me Northeastern anyway, a record about vacationing in the American northeast when the autumn trees are at or near their most psychedelic.

Herein is incidental life, baked into new ambers: laughing strangers, enthusiastic tour guides, restaurants and airports, a fountain, two young twentysomethings on a street corner staging a lonely action for reproductive rights, the world’s most mesmerizing hotel refrigerator, and more besides." - Raymond Cummings

Cloth - Present Cracks  CDr £5 (numbered edition of 50)

Cloth are Matthew and Lila of Food People and this is their second Chocolate Monk offering, recorded in Nottingham July 2021, in the two weeks leading up to the birth of their daughter.

Hot in the house, hot outside, hot sweaty hands poking things. Sounds of our neighbourhood with cars barking like dogs. Voices of friends and voices from the TV. Flute, radio, tape, violin, guitar.

"Get on with your bloody soup, cloud merchant"

As always you can find the sounds etc at
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