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Chocolate Monk's forst ever "proper" CD release Dylan Nyoukis/Seymour Glass

Posted: Thu Jul 22, 2021 4:45 pm
by chocolate monk
30+ years late to the show Chocolate Monk releases our first “proper” CD, and expanded edition of the long gone CDr (street level) 'No One Cares About The Drama Queen's Potassium Intake' by Dylan Nyoukis & Seymour Glass.. almost double in length to the original release.

Dylan Nyoukis & Seymour Glass - No One Cares About The Drama Queen's Potassium Intake CD £10

With the CDR edition sold out, Chocolate Monk and Butte County Free Music Society pressured their respective kingpins to add another 30 minutes of audio and a couple more frames of Karen Constance artwork for an expanded reissue on CD (not a CDR) in a six-panel eco-pak.
Churning and honking like a couple of white apes in a suntan lotion sento, Nyoukis and Glass bromance the mud for a solid uninterrupted (almost) hour. They manipulate field recordings, befoul sound effects recordings, loot audio thrift store cassettes, violate the public domain, and contaminate domestic objects. Auntie Pearl clinks and coughs and laughs and listens to Led Zeppelin. Duncan Harrison tries to teach Ms. Elkka how to ollie in a Hastings train station after a day getting pissed with Steve Underwood, because life skills. It’s just a good long wallow in ghostly moon flatch, something you look like you could use right about now. Allow the duo’s ballet-dancing electronic bendables to pirhouette and plié through your skull. A little equilibrium-challenged DNA, splatters of tube-squeezed murk, and descending plasmatic crud are the universal pick-me-up. If not yourself, do it for the plague babies. Mastered by Julian Tardo at Church Road Studios. Co-released with Butte County Free Music Society.
Edition of 150

plus still keeping real with street level CDr

Forrest Friends - untitled CDr £5

The Forrest Friends emerge from 2020 and show how the old passing-an-8-track-back-and-forth can really get you to some strange places. Devolving righteously into a mish mash of mood musics. Imagine Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase doing some alien gas-huffing wangers or one of the dribblers from Caroliner getting their drool on to insectoid funk-a-gunk puzzle muzak. There is plenty of little creepers too, wee sonic plucks matured just right to deliver that all important ear worm (or should that be larvae??), so pull up a chair to the blown out tables and let the psych coloured world seep through the window. You don't to take my word for it, just take Mr Garrison Hecks insight
"All's I can say about it is that we had never done things this way before, but decided to pass an 8-track back-and-forth over the plague-time sniffles season, and the handle flew off in unexpected ways.... is this a pop album? sort of?... there're hip-hop beats, maybe some alien dub... not what I initially thought we'd be coming up with, but here we are.. blur your ears and it's just cowboy soundtracks, dancefloor bangers, goth-industrial lullabies, rural land-lubber sea-shanties, 80's sax-laden jams, etc...
oor maybe that's not what it is at all?
ugh, honestly, I'm really confused by this thing that we have birthed from our aural womb, and not the Wordy Rappinghood with describing this particular thing. but a straight-up pop album for sure, the closest we've come to such a thing, anyway."
Edition of 60

Russell Walker - The Blue Shirt of Simon CDr £5

The Pheromoans main lunk and one half of The Teleporters was originally going to present a short chapbook of wanton sleaze, but felt the great unwashed were not quite ready for it yet, so instead he submitted The Blue Shirt of Simon, a piece of "noir crime fiction" in audio book fashion apparently. It is set in a fictional West London town called Simon, taking place over two weeks in Februrary 2021. All characters are fictional and any resemblance they have to persons alive or dead is coincidental. Aye right.
"I really liked it even though it sounds like a man of the edge of some sort of breakdown" – anonymous
Edition of 60

Odie ji Ghast - DOMESTIC recordings CDr £5

Another snap shot of lockdown life here on the shitty Brexit Isles, This time Odie ji Ghast aka Greta Buitkute (Labas Krabas, Historically Fucked etc) invites you to their abode in the thriving creative hive of Gateshead (don't call it Newcastle, ya bam!). Multitracked vocals (both gibber and song) get mixed in with dictaphone, home appliances, keyboards and "loud thoughts". An intimate insight into the clutter revolution.
"2020 summer full of domesticity that's soaked in time slow moving back and forth between arising direction and reflections on past crumbles" - Odie ji Ghast
Edition of 60

As ever sound clips and ordering information HERE