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Christopher Petit, Radio On, 1979

Ah, 1979, I remember it well! Great little road Anglo-German road movie (co-produced by Wim Wenders and featuring his then partner / muse Lisa Kreuzer, once more in search of an Alice) with splendid soundtrack (Bowie, Kraftwerk, Fripp, Devo and numerous Stiff artistes). IMDb plot resume: "A man drives from London to Bristol to investigate his brother's death, and the purpose of his trip is offset by his encounters with a series of odd people." One of whom is Sting, living in a caravan behind a petrol station perfecting his Eddie Cochran covers. We know what became of him, but whatever happened to David Beames? Answer, television, and lots of it. Fine performance, indeed. Thanks once more to Henrik for hipping me to this (why I never saw it at the time is a mystery) and to the good people at KG for upping a smashing Blu rip. Almost makes me want to drive on the M4 listening to Low. But I won't :)
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