Richard Kamerman September tour Germany/Switzerland/France

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Richard Kamerman September tour Germany/Switzerland/France

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Playing mainland Europe for the first time very soon. I did a one-off gig in the UK last year but I think it's still safe to call this my first European tour.

Sort of an adventure in a few defined segments.

PART 1 - The German Sequence
A trio of gigs in Berlin - roughly ordered (in terms of the sets I anticipate to be playing) from loudest/most aggressive to quietest/most minimal.
Which feels like a fun trajectory to take on those three days.

September 21
, 21:00, 7€
Lychenerstrasse 60 | 10437 Berlin ... an-mukarji
Bryan Eubanks/Jason Kahn duo
Richard Kamerman
Tisha Mukarji

September 22
Quiet Cue
, 8:15pm
Flughafenstrasse 38 | 12053 Berlin
Bryan Eubanks/Richard Kamerman duo
Jason Kahn/Rishin Singh duo
Mind Fiber (Li Jiahhong/Wei Wei)
Burkhard Beins/Bertrand Denzler duo

September 23
Errant Bodies

Kollwitzstrasse 97 | 10435 Berlin
performing Jason Kahn's "Berliner"
Quintet: Johnny Chang, Bryan Eubanks,
Jason Kahn, Richard Kamerman, Rishin Singh


Part 2 (an interlude) - Let's pretend for a moment that we are in France
Then I go to Basel where I meet up with Dafne Vicente-Sandoval and Pascal Battus to play a first time trio. We have all played with each other in the past. Just not all at once. So, I have little-to-no idea what this will really be like. Which is pretty exciting. I also don't know anybody in Basel and the venue isn't really promoting yet. So I hope that posting this around the internet makes a difference?

September 24

Oslostrasse 10 | CH-4142 Münchenstein, Basel


Part 3 - Two nights with Jason
Then I re-connect with Jason Kahn to play duos in Genève and Zürich. We previously performed two gigs in NY back in 2011 - a first try up in New Paltz and then as part of the Unsound Festival in Brooklyn. Excited to try this again and see how our dynamic will evolve.

September 25
@ L'ilôt 13
Rue de Montbrillant 1 | 1201 Genève, Switzerland

September 26
Kunstraum Walcheturm

Walchestrasse 6 | CH-8006 Zürich


Part 4 (the final destination) - let's actually go to France finally. Why is it so hard to book a gig in this country?

September 27-28th
So, yeah. Would have been nice to play another show with Dafne and Pascal but nothing came together. So I'll probably just hang out around Paris. Guess I'll see you all at the CRAK festival.
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