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Chris Reierson - Mouthful of Grapes

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Image ... -of-grapes

Four long form tracks, spread out across two years, combine to form an
odd synergy despite vastly different styles.

grape 1. Eyes Bled Magenta:

Session with Gakken SX-150 Mk II & Boss DD-3.
Recorded on recycled Type I tape stock.
08/15/2017 (21:00)

grape 2. Bespoke Native Retina:

Stereo field recording, captured and processed live.
Recorded on Type II tape, Dolby B Noise Reduction.
06/02/2018 (21:47)

grape 3. Involuntary Rigor Mortis:

Session with feedback loop and effects.
Recorded digitally with no overdubs.
08/11/2017 (13:34)

grape 4. Lonely Night Kryptonite:

Two combined remixes of Anthony Shaw’s "Source Tape for Lonely Nights" (2011).
09/16/2019 (18:29)

see bandcamp for purchase