VST instruments and hosts

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VST instruments and hosts

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Hi i just downloaded a bunch of VST instruments and a VST host player thinking that I would be OK. Well it has been nothing but, because I can't even configure audacity program to record the audio on my computer (note I don't want to record an instrument from a microphone just yet). I have a bunch of DLL files that should work with most VST hosts, but I'm not able to get the instruments to play. Can someone help me out please?



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Re: VST instruments and hosts

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To clarify – you want to record the audio output of your VST host into Audacity, in real time? As far as I know, that's the only way to record vst instruments with Audacity, so I'm assuming that's what you want. But, you're saying that you can't get your instruments to play? I'd need some more info to figure that one out. What VST host is it? Are the .dll's in the right folder for the host to detect them? What OS are you on?

If you can get sound from your VST out of your VST host, you'll then need some software to route the audio output from that into a virtual input that Audacity can record. Something like Soundflower.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding your problem, but I recommend getting a more complete daw to record with instead. Presonus offers a free version of Studio, for example.